Excise and Taxation Islamabad Jobs 2021 Application Form Online

Apply Online for Excise and Taxation Islamabad Jobs 2021! Check out this opportunity to work in the Pakistan capital, located just a few hours from Quetta. Apply now or risk being left behind when it comes time for these exciting careers that provide an amazing life balance between your professional career goals while still allowing you plenty of free time on weekends with family & friends .

Excise and Taxation Islamabad

Upcoming jobs in Excise and Taxation sector of Islamabad City containing vacant posts named as Assistant (BPS-15), Hardware / Network Technician(BPS 15) Data Entry Operator (14th Level ), UDC , LDC Documents Scanning Clerk Store Keeper Electrican Constable Photocopy Machine Operator/DMO Dispatch Rider Runner Naib Qasid Chowkidar Sanitary Worker .


The upcoming job opportunities at Pakistan Central Secretariat carry different positions like: Assistant,Hardware Engineer/Network Tech31st Level Decorator Document Scannersudiptran Driver Lineman Copeland Detailer Salesperson AccountantWe hope you find this information useful.

The Excise and Taxation Department of the government has announced jobs for Graduation, Intermediate DAE Matric Middle Qualification holders. These positions will be on contract basis with Scanning vehicle documents or recovery taxes like ICT


The Newly Established Indian Central Board Of Revenue (BCRH), Which Is Responsible For Administering The Affairs And Collecting Taxes All Over India Has Announced Some Great Opportunities To Specially Educated & Experienced People Like You Who Have Grown Up In This New Environment We Live IN WHERE EVERYTHING HAS CHANGE ABOUNDSLY OVER THE PAST DECADE OR TWO.

What are the Requirements for Excise Islamabad Jobs:

·         If you're a qualified candidate and willing to apply, we want your qualifications. Integrity is required for this job!

·         We ask that all applicants hold the following: graduation from an accredited high school or college; successful completion of two years' worth or post-secondary education leading up until Matriculation (graduation); holding membership in a recognized board according with relevant vacant posts at Graduation level within which they seek employment opportunities.

·         To apply for this position, you must have relevant experience and skills.

·         - To be considered a serious candidate in today’s market it is important that your resume really stands out from the rest by having specific information about what makes you unique as well as highlighting any awards or accomplishments listed on social media sites like LinkedIn where most employers now look when hiring new people!


·                         It might sound easier said than done but there are some simple tricks one can use such:olding pictures horizontal instead vertical; ordering resumes chronologically then geographically within each section (experience first then education); ensuring alltime periods start with present tense verb forms “/

·         18 to 25 years of age is the minimum required age for applicants. Applicants must meet certain criteria, including having qualifications and experience relevant in their field or expertise that would make them effective members on staff at your company.


·         Applicant's ages should range from 18-25 with degrees/credentials corresponding closely to skillset needed by prospective employer - this includes education as well as professional certifications such a licenses depending upon what industry they wish work within etc..

·         The Provincial Minister of Sindh has announced a new quota for the province. All those who are residents and/or citizens from this region should apply before October 15th to be considered as eligible candidates!

·         In order not miss out on their opportunity, all ICTs living or working in other areas need file an application by next month's deadline which would give them access into Quota 2021 along with eligibility requirements such as domicile status etc...

Vacancies in Excise Islamabad Jobs:

  • Assistant (BPS-15)
  • Hardware / Network / Computer Technician (BPS-15)
  • Data Entry Operator (BPS-14)
  • UDC (BPS-11)
  • LDC (BPS-09)
  • Documents Scanning Clerk (BPS-09)
  • Store Keeper (BPS-09)
  • Assistant Store Keeper (BPS-07)
  • Electrician (BPS-05)
  • Constable (BPS-05)
  • Photocopy Machine Operator / DMO (BPS-05)
  • Dispatch Rider / Runner (BPS-04)
  • Naib Qasid (BPS-01)
  • Chowkidar (BPS-01)
  • Sanitary Worker (BPS-01)

How to Apply for Excise & Taxation Department Islamabad Capital Territory Jobs:

·         Applicants need to apply for Excise & Taxation Department's positions on the prescribed online application form available at islamabadexcies.gov.pk/ www .njp gov pak

·          Applicants must first visit this webpage, type "excisetax" into search bar and then select 'apply now' button; fill in all required fields with correct information including Form C (your resume) before submitting it successfully onto their own computer screen by pressing Ok or Apply.

·         Are you still looking for a summer internship? The last date to apply has been extended from November 15th and we need your help!

·         Are you a job seeker with experience in the field of travel management? Are your qualifications and expertise suited for this role, which requires extensive knowledge about leisure industry trends as well as being able to work without any physical contact from clients or employees. Then apply today!

·         In order to be eligible for consideration at all stages throughout our selection procedure - including initial application review stage where they will assess if we're right company match their skillset; continuing on through phone interviews (in some cases) lasted rounds table discussions – only online submissions accepted via globalcareersatwork website: www...com/careers/. Only those individuals meeting these requirements can hope upon having successful career within out organization so make sure proper effort made by submitting along respective résumé.

·         It is important that candidates apply for more than one position when possible. Candidates should submit separate applications in order to be considered, even if they are interested only in one particular role at this time!

·         If you're interested in a position with our company, we will only call on your to fill out an application and interview for the job.

·         Mentioning that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted is very effective because it creates urgency by telling them not long after they send their information/resume there might already be someone else who wants this role too so hurry up!

·         In accordance with industry standards, there will be no TA/DA paid for the selection procedure.


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