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A recent advertisement for the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) has caught my attention. The FPSC was established to enlist government workers and administrators in Pakistan, which is why they are drafting article 242 of its constitution-a fundamental obligation that all residents have faith in this organization as it plays out these responsibilities reliably throughout time set up with integrity ever lasting result being trust among stakeholders especially those who live here locally or abroad too!

Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) is looking for workers to fill government jobs at all levels. All you need are qualifications and the desire work in an environment that values diversity!

FPSC Jobs 2021

The FPSC leads test can be taken on behalf of contract employees working under Federal Government across departments including those related with education, health care services among others. The association was established by Pakistan's National Assembly back in 2007 as a means-to select highly skilled career professionals from amongst civil servants who have shown dedication towards public service both within Pakistani society but also abroad through their international experience which could help transform our country into global economic power house one day after achieving stability peace & prosperity here now starting right.

In 2021, the FPSC will be launching 12 new advertisements in a seven-day span. The company has been distributing these through paper distribution methods and they expect that this trend of consistent ad creation will continue into upcoming months as well!

FPSC Jobs 2021 Latest Advertisement Apply Online Last Date

The Federal Public Service Commission is currently hiring for the following positions:

Federal observer/Recorder (Female): up to 15th October 2021 timely reporting of all demonstrations and public gatherings; salary 82000/- pm with grade pay10600/- pmpension Rs 5200 monthly gratuity also applicable as per rules computer cum calculator Dh 8400 annual clothing allowance Furnished Accommodation Allowance 100 Baht Technical & Industrial allowances 30 Tk Only College Graduates Only For Female Candidates Skilled Male Applicants Will Be Also Recruited On Priority Basis With Different HiringGrids Of Hot Jobs Such As Engineer , Architect etc.)

Recently, the FPSC has announced that they are looking for new employees in various departments of government. These include ministries like Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training or Food Department GilgitBaltistan; others have naval headquarters as well! All these positions carry an opportunity to work at Islamabad City only but there is also Masters/Graduation jobs list available online which you can apply through this site's website link below.

The table below shows the job positions available in FPSC.

-Associate Professor (Female), Assistant Director, Accounts Officer and Senior Teacher are all full time positions that require experience or an equivalent qualification; whereas 2nd Engineer(Electronics) System Engineer PCBRF is only offered as a part time option for diploma holders with relevant qualifications who hold Education Credential Boards achievements under certain conditions according to their employers requirements.

Are you a qualified individual looking to work in the education sector? If so, then look no further than this opportunity! We are currently recruiting for our team of tutors and instructors across North America. Qualifications include:

- Holders of PhD degrees or Masters' qualifications from reputable universities with relevant subject knowledge;  - Ability & desireablematters apply as per vacant positions available This is an excellent way get your foot into the door before applying at other educational organizations near where live which would later result increase chances student acceptance.

Vacant Positions:

  • Associate Professor /Vice-Principal (Female)
  • Assistant Director
  • Accounts Officer
  • Assistant Manager IT
  • Civil Supply Officer
  • Senior Teacher
  • 2nd Engineer (Electronics) System Engineer PCBRF)
  • Associate Professor (Female) (Biology

How to Apply for FPSC Jobs 2021:

·         Applicants of the position can apply for it on the official site or through a link given below.

·         However, those candidates without access to the internet are still able to apply by submitting all of their required documentation and information in a sealed envelope.

·         The last date for submission of the application is November 22, 2021. Don't miss this chance to get your business listed on our site!

·         Candidates who wish to apply for a government job have two options: online and offline. Applicants must make a deposit of Rs 300/- for BS-16, 17 & 18; once submitted this will be updated on your application so keep track! For any other test fees (BS 19 or above), applicants need send an original receipt along with their application form post as well if applying via mail service agencies cannot submit them unnecessary workloads by scanning documents due dates are already hectic enough without requesting additional manpower too because there might not always available when needed most.

·         The image below mentions a test and interview schedule for potential employees. The candidate must follow this plan in order to be successful during recruitment, so it's important that you wait until they ask before applying!

·         You are cordially invited to apply for this job. To stand out from the competition, it is important that you bring original documents with your resume at the time of interview and stay in touch by visiting our site spiderincome frequently for updates!


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