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Join the Pakistan Air Force and be part of this new era. Join online registration today! Apply for a job with Airforce by clicking here, where you can find all announcements from Punjab province in one place only

PAF Jobs 2021 Pakistan Air Force

Join our team as an officer or enlisted man to help us achieve peace across Pakistan- Balochistan Agency Job Opportunities 2021 - joeb Pakistani Military Career Pathways Program 2o1.

PAF Jobs 2021 - Civilian staff are such as Assistant Foreman (Afr Fitter), Foreman Eng Fitter) Laboratory Foreman, Stenotypist UDC Charge Hand Boiler LSET MTF Painter Overseer(B&R). There is an increase in job responsibilities that include Anti Malaria Supervisor-IPD Physical Training Instructor Male Nurse Mid Wife Librarian Lab Technician STM MTD Driver Mortar TASK For Drivers On Motorcycles & 4 Wheelers Vehicle Operation Staff Accountant DWAKER Financial Adviser Manager SMS Helper Greeter Keeper Storekeeper Secretary Computer Operator Accounts Payable Warehouse Receiving Packages Bagging Spreading Outsetting Packing Loading Cartons Boxes Palletizing Caring Sleeping Restocking Stock.

Eligible candidates wanting to apply for a government job opening in the PAF can do so by following this link. The requirements include being domiciled within Pakistan's borders, but individuals holding valid Domicile of any province are welcome! As these jobs require citizenship or legal residency it may be worth checking out other opportunities that were announced today such as Navy civil service positions which will remain open until August 31st 2021.

PAF Jobs 2021 are the career choice for those who want to join an elite organization, do their part in keeping Pakistan safe from external threats. The Air Force is one of two branches that make up what's known as "Defence Forces." PAF personnel fight on behalf this country by providing security through aviation operations like air raids or airstrikes against enemy targets - all while maintaining safety at home with other conventional weapons systems deployed around Pakistani airspace during times when war has been declared between India and/or China.

PAF is looking for both civilians and retired officers to fill positions in the government. The salary package of PAFs employees are on par with other departments, they offer attractive benefits such as free accommodation at their base which makes it easier for them live comfortably while working away from home or even making trips back more frequently due tp quick transportation access into town if needed immediately within just minutes!

Candidates must meet the criteria to apply for these positions. The qualifications needed are as follows: Graduate, Intermediary or Matric certificate with relevant skills and experience per demand of open positions.


These job seekers may find out what they need by reading up on requirements in order from Graduation/Intermediate level qualifications all the way until achieving bachelor's degree at prestigious universities such as Harvard University which has an acceptance rate over 25%.

Only those applicants qualified for the Civilian Jobs in PAF should apply. If you do not want to take part and work with us, we recommend joining Pakistan army as a Soldier 2021 because it will be ready soon!

Vacant Positions in PAF Civilian Jobs:

  • Assistant, Foreman (Afr Fitt)
  • Foreman (MT Fitter)
  • Foreman (ACF)
  • Foreman (Eng Fitter)
  • Laboratory Foreman
  • Assistant Foreman (Afr Fitter)
  • Assistant Foreman (Carpenter)
  • Assistant Foreman (Painter)
  • Stenotypist
  • UDC
  • Charge Hand (Boiler)
  • Charge Hand (LSET)
  • Charge Hand (MTF)
  • Charge Hand (Painter)
  • Overseer (B&R)
  • Laboratory Man
  • Assistant Store Keeper
  • LDC
  • Medical Assistant
  • Librarian
  • Laboratory Technician
  • Anti Malaria Supervisor-I
  • Physical Training Instructor
  • Male Nurse
  • Mid Wife
  • Laboratory Attendant
  • Patwari
  • Technician (STM)
  • Driver (MTD)
  • Cook

How to Apply for PAF Jobs:

·         Interested males and females can register themselves with the Pakistan Air Force at their official website,

·         The application process takes less than 3 minutes by filling out a questionnaire on how interested you are in joining up as an enlisted serviceman or woman for either cadet officer training programs! They also provide helpful links where people who might know someone else who's qualified join forces too - so don't wait around because this may not happen again if we miss our chance today!"

·         In order to apply for the Test-IV faculty positions, candidates may go through a registration process at one of four Registration Centers located in Abbottabad (Paks), Hyderabad Faisal Abad Karachi Lahore Multan Peshawar Quetta Rawalpindi Sukkur or DI Khan Shaheed Benazir Bhutto International Airport near Islamabad.

·         I have heard really good things about this city!

·         Registration for the 2021iliate Summit will open on September 27th and close ten days later, on October 10th.

·         With this year's event being so successful it can't come soon enough! If you need to be a part of what makes these conferences great then register now before space runs out or tickets sell out completely at Computershare Trust Services LLC.(TM).

·         After registration, candidates will be required to take a written test and some other skill-based assessments. They'll also have the option of having their skills judged by computer programs that look for patterns in what you've already typed or can produce on demand through more traditional means like keyboards with ink stains still attached them!

·         The next phase is definitely not one anyone should turn down - so do your research before it's too late."

·         For the latest job opportunities, be sure to keep up with us.

·         We at PAF know you may have questions regarding the 2021 Civilian Jobs Online Registration. So, if there's anything about eligibility criteria or how to apply procedure that is unclear for this opportunity please ask us in our comment box below and we'll respond with all information necessary immediately!

·         If you are interested in the Pakistan Air Force, then make sure to get your application on their website. You can also find additional information about applying by following our How To Apply Section!


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