Google Cloud Platform's top 2 advantages

 Google Cloud Platform's top 2 advantages

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Choosing a web host shouldn't be one of the first decisions that you make after launching your business. There are many aspects to consider before finally picking a host, but you shouldn't get too hung up on it. However, if you have decided to go ahead and start a website for your business, then the following can help you find a web host that will suit your needs.

Web hosting is an important part of many businesses' marketing strategies. Web hosting providers not only serve your website files to visitors, but also affect the speed of your website, security, availability, and user experience.

There’s a lot to love about Google Cloud hosting. In recent years, it has established itself as a leading service for millions of customers. It’s time to make your decision: the top advantages of choosing Google Cloud hosting are outlined below.

1. Outstanding Availability and Uptime

You can build your website to perfection, but if it’s not available, you’ll never succeed. It’s important to make sure your site is up all of the time and accessible for visitors.

Companies that offer online shopping are at risk for server downtime, from ensuring smooth site functionality to meeting the growing demand for faster web pages. Server performance is more important than ever to e-commerce sites and offers opportunities to recover revenue losses from shoppers who abandon their carts or choose a competitor's website over yours.

 A well-established brand should reflect an individual's personality, it should be fun and inviting, but also consistent with their values.

Your website is only as reliable as your hosting provider. If you want your site to be always available, it’s important to find a reliable service. Avoiding errors in code is one thing, but your hosting provider will also need to be reliable.

2. Live Migration of Virtual Machines



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When you host with Kinsta, we're able to use Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to create an environment that's optimized for your WordPress site. Google cloud servers are known for their speed and performance, and with GCP, we can easily distribute resources between VMs to optimize for your WordPress website.


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