Top 2 Reasons You Should Choose Google Cloud Hosting

 Top 2 Reasons You Should Choose Google Cloud Hosting

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It's true that hosting is the foundation of your business site. There are a ton of web hosts out there, each with their own positives and negatives, but you'll want to find the one that best suits your business' needs. Free web hosting may be tempting, but it will cost you in terms of speed, security, and customer service.

When your web hosting provider goes down, your website goes down with them. The website hosting provider that you choose is just as important as the website design or product inventory. This company not only stores and delivers your products, but they also control how fast your site loads and its security. These factors directly impact your customer’s user experience and the success of your business.

1. Outstanding Availability and Uptime

Building a website with quick loading times and reliable site availability is an important part of success. Even if you have the best products or content in the marketplace, people will not be able to find, enjoy, and buy from your website if they can't access it.

Taking care of a website's uptime uptime, security and performance is the only way to keep angry customers at bay. High-quality SaaS applications can guarantee site uptime, prevent hacks, abuse and spam. These are essential when it comes to boosting customer retention and satisfaction, as well as increasing conversions.

Uptime is an important metric to track. You can't do much about it on your own since it's largely influenced by your hosting provider. However, there are some things you can do to keep site downtime at bay. The first is to avoid errors in your code, but beyond that you're reliant on your hosting provider.

Your hosting provider has a direct impact on your website uptime. There are many things you can do to increase uptime on your own, but it’s not guaranteed. You can avoid errors in your code, but that doesn't stop your hosting provider from messing up. Beyond avoiding errors in your own code, you can also rely on your hosting provider for help with uptime.

2. Live Migration of Virtual Machines



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Google Cloud has a number of advantages when it comes to hosting your WordPress site, including its minimal downtime policy, its reliability, and its ability to work with a wide range of tools.

 One thing that most of our clients seem to notice is Google's uptime. A recent study even ranked Google Cloud as the most reliable cloud hosting platform available today.


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