What are the top reasons for choosing Google Cloud Hosting?

 What are the top reasons for choosing Google Cloud Hosting?

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Hosting is the cornerstone of any successful e-commerce site. If you're using a subpar service, your business website won't get the traffic it needs to thrive — and that's where you'll find yourself in trouble. What you need is a top-quality web hosting provider that can handle the demands of your business's e-commerce operations.

Hosting is one of the most important aspects of running a successful website. Web hosting providers — not just host — serve your website files to visitors and control how your website works, how fast it loads, its availability during outages, and its security. All of these aspects are directly related to the customer’s user experience.

In recent years, Google has become a major player in the cloud hosting industry. They offer a suite of services that set them apart from their competitors. With that said, we recommend Google Cloud hosting to our customers for a number of reasons. They include their high quality servers and reliability, as well as their customer service and pricing.

1. Outstanding Availability and Uptime

Remember to consider your website’s accessibility. You can have the best content or product, but none of that will matter if visitors cannot access your website.

I know this is going to sound like a broken record, but no matter how great your product or service may be, you're losing money if you have an inferior website. When your e-commerce store goes down or experiences even the smallest amount of downtime, your sales take a dive and your business is put at a substantial disadvantage.

Downtime is when you lose money — We all know that. But what a lot of people forget is that downtime is also costly in terms of PR and brand recognition! When your website is down, you're losing out on potential revenue as well as vital information about your customers and client base.

Your website is the cornerstone of your business. If visitors can't access it, even your best products or content won't matter. A fundamental factor in the success of your website is its availability. That's why uptime is so important.

2. Live Migration of Virtual Machines



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Google Cloud Platform is perfect for hosting WordPress sites because of its built-in tools, advantages, and features; the real-time messaging app, the live migration of virtual machines, and the flexibility to run a full-stack development workflow. Kinsta is one of the best Google Cloud Platform partners because we can provide you with a fully managed service that has no limitations or restrictions — our infrastructure is built on top of Google servers!


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